Auto Insurance Companies Deny Claims Statewide (Ohio)

Posted on: February 11th, 2011 by admin

Families across Ohio are finding gaps in their auto insurance policy only after they are in tragic accidents. Many insurance companies are using the term “Intrafamily Exclusion” to explain that if an accident was the client’s fault, then their family is not completely covered. Clients disturbingly only discover this after a major accident has occurred, resulting in injury or death to their family members. Peter Traska, an attorney with Elk & Elk who specializes in appealing these types of cases said “very often, it’s a family dealing with a catastrophic loss. And when they have an accident, it’s too late.” Cleveland NewsNet5 Elk and Elk http – To learn more about auto accidents please visit Meet our Attorneys: Dave J. Elk. Arthur Elk. JM Kelley III Stephen S. Crandall Martin S. Delahunty III R. Craig McLaughlin Matthew J. Carty Robert Gross Gary Cowan Tom R. Kelly Todd O. Rosenberg Amy L. Papesh William J. Price Michael Eisner Phil Kuri Elk & Elk “Serious Lawyers for Serious Injuries” Ph. 1 800 ELK OHIO Website: http Areas of Practice: Automobile Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Semi/Truck Accidents, Aviation Accidents, Railroad Accidents, Product Defects, Medical Device Recalls, Drug Recalls, Workers’ Compensation, Mesothelioma, Cerebral Palsy, Surgical Errors, Birth Injuries, Medication Errors, Emergency Room Errors, Anesthesia
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