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Posted on: February 6th, 2011 by admin

Georgia road signIn some states getting auto insurance in optional, but not in GA. In recent times the Peach State has gone to great lengths to ensure that everyone within it’s borders is covered and unless a motorist wants to receive a fine they should seek out a provider and stay insured. However, before choosing an automobile policy, motorists should be aware of the minimal state requirements. In Georgia, motorists must have at least ,000 Bodily Injury Liability coverage per person and ,000 per accident. Additionally, they must have at least ,000 for Property Damage.

To ensure that these requirements are met, and that a motorist is operating their vehicle with the proper policy, the state of GA has created a computerized database which allows police officers to check the coverage status of an automobile. With the simple click of a button, a law enforcement officer can determine whether or not a driver is properly protected. If a motorist goes more than ten consecutive days without the proper coverage then there may be serious consequences, including fines or jail time. Having such requirements and an efficient way of enforcing them does not mean that Georgia’s citizens won’t be able to get adequate and affordable coverage. Motorists should take some serious consideration into finding a policy that is not only affordable, but also offers the coverage that is right for them and can offer the proper protection. An excellent way to begin searching for auto insurance in Georgia is by getting numerous quotes from various companies to ensure the lowest rates are found and taking advantage of any savings that may be available.

Lowering the Cost of Georgia Insurance

To decrease the price of an insurance policy, there are many different forms of discounts that are commonly offered by coverage providers. If a motorist is a good driver by having none or very few violations, for example, they may be able to get a Good Driver discount, which can lead a rate reduction of up to 20%. There are additional discounts for having multiple vehicles under the same policy, or by setting up a payment plan in which the monthly amount due is automatically subtracted from a bank account. Typically, there are many different ways in which an individual can save on a monthly basis, and the best way to learn these ways is to contact one’s policy provider to find out what they offer.

Sometimes when discounts are not enough and a state is insistent upon motorists being financially covered in the event of an accident, a driver can consider other ways in which they can cut down their premiums. One common method is by increasing one’s deductible; in some cases, choosing higher deductibles can lead to a savings of up to 40%. While this may result in paying more money out of pocket in the event of a loss, it could also means that a vehicle owner’s premium would be decreased and may be beneficial if a loss is never experienced at all. Even if Georgia proof of insurance requirements were not as strict, investing in a policy would would still be highly recommended to any motorist who wished to protect their assets, automobile and/or the people inside of them. With so may ways to acquire affordable coverage, however, there is little to no reason to operate uninsured.

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