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Posted on: February 15th, 2011 by admin

California state flagThe Golden State, like many states across the nation, requires residents to carry a particular amount of automobile insurance when operating a moving vehicle. A driver might be surprised to learn that these limits are only ,000 in bodily injury liability for a single person, ,000 for multiple injured persons, and ,000 in property damage liability. These requirements are fairly low, and drivers often raise these limits in order to get the right amount of protection. For only a few premium dollars a month a person may be able to maintain cheap car insurance in California while increasing liability limits to provide significantly more protection.

The reason for increasing liability coverage is because the CA required limits are often not high enough to cover more serious situations. For example, the average cost of a new automobile in 2008 was ,000, meaning that if an insured motorist were to cause any considerable amount of damage to a new vehicle, there is a very good chance that the standard ,000 property damage liability limit will not be high enough to cover all of the damages. This goes for any potential medical needs that might arise. Should a motorist cause an accident in which the person they strike breaks a bone, requires emergency services, or is forced to stay in the hospital for any duration of time, then the ,000 bodily injury liability limit could very quickly run out. This is increasingly true should the driver strike more than one person that requires extensive medical attention. When these limits are exceeded, the motorist is still required to pay the remaining sum, and often has to do so out of pocket, which in turn can result in various lawsuits.

CA Auto Insurance Worth Considering

Having the right amount of protection while driving is an essential part about being a vehicle owner in CA, and if possible, motorists are encouraged to pursue additional forms of coverage in order to be prepared for any situation. Among motorists, roughly 18% of drivers are uninsured, giving the Golden State one of the highest percentages of uninsured motorists in the nation. To protect against possible mishaps involving one of these drivers, residents should consider adding Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage. This additional form of protection takes effect when a driver is struck by an uninsured motorist that is unable to pay repair costs.

Because California has such unique weather, inhabitants should take the proper precautions into both avoiding driving unsafely in dangerous situations, and having the right form of coverage should an accident occur could prove beneficial. Obtaining comprehensive coverage would cover one’s automobile for the cost of damages that are unrelated to an automobile collision, which includes damages from fire, flooding, falling objects, or mud slides. Many of these environmental damages are fairly common occurrences in CA and depending on location, often range in severity from minor nuisances to completely destructive. To prevent many of these forms of damages, the California Department of Transportation often releases information such as Winter Driving Tips to help motorists be prepared for various weather conditions.


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