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Posted on: February 6th, 2011 by admin

No personal informationSearching for auto insurance online has never been easier than in recent years. With the assistance of the internet, people can quickly find quotes from the leisure of their computer. Sometimes applying for an estimate online requires that a user submit personal information, such as their driver’s license number or social security, two numbers which many people consider to be very personal. But searching for an online automobile insurance quote doesn’t necessarily require these two numbers. It is possible for a company to obtain an entire list of quotes with only basic information about the motorist, such as their driving habits or telephone number. The result is accurate and up to the minute pricing from an array of providers.

The reason that people can get car insurance quotes without personal info is because providers have become aware of the problems that sometimes arise from divulging personal details over the internet. Identity and credit card theft have become a problem throughout the World Wide Web, and companies want to ensure that their customers are protected. By offering quotes with only minimum details required, they are saving potential customers from internet related troubles. But being aware of  pitfalls is just one of the ways that insurers are combating threats.

Safely Getting Insurance Quotes without Personal Information

Although private items such as social security and driver’s license numbers are not need to be quoted for a policy, it is still important to keep basic date safe as well. When a person goes to make an auto insurance comparison at they are asked to add their zip code. After doing so they are taken to a simple form that is covered by several different forms of protection. A user may notice that the beginning of the URL in the address bar has changed from the standard “http” to “https.” 

If a URL features http it means “hyper text transfer protocol,” which is a way that the website is being viewed. However, if it states https, it means “hyper text transfer protocol with a secure sockets layer.” This roughly means that the website is being viewed in a different and more secure way then usual. Having this extra form of protection means that any personal information that is entered into the website will be secure and safe from nearly any person who may be trying to steal information. Insurers want to be positive that their potential customers are well protected while they shop. State Departments such as the Texas Department of Insurance offers tips to help shop and also how to ensure safety when shopping over the Internet; consumers may want to refer to such resources.


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