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Posted on: February 17th, 2011 by admin

CalendarIn most states across the nation, automobile insurance is a required expense. There are many different factors which dictate one’s rates, and often prices will differ considerably from person to person depending on location, driving habits, and the amount of coverage that is needed. It is estimated that in some cities, premium costs can reach over hundreds of dollars with the term of a policy being from several months to a year in duration. For some people, paying these amounts in large sums can prove to be very difficult. Luckily, there are options available from many different carriers that allow customers to pay premiums on a monthly basis instead of entirely at the time of purchase or renewal. By doing this motorists can disperse the costs of maintaining vehicle coverage and could even potentially afford additional amounts of protection because the costs are spread over a longer period of time.

Typically low down payment auto insurance is available with regular monthly billing from a multitude of companies, all eager and competing for customers. It is not uncommon to see an insurer offering various deals to customers who choose to put a specified amount down upon buying a policy. On the other hand motorists may be able to afford a more extensive policy because the cost of maintaining it is spread out over a set period of time with terms ranging from three months to a year. In the event that the policyholder is able to make multiple payments at once, they will often be allowed to do so by the provider. Although in the end this method is overall more expensive, it allows for somewhat greater flexibility that is largely based off of the amount of the money the client has on a regular basis instead of annually.

Being Informed about Paying Monthly for Insurance

As previously mentioned there are differences in available rates when choosing between paying for a policy in one full payment as opposed to doing so from month to month. At times insurers will offer coverage at a lower price should a driver choose to pay in full, while including a small monthly fee for those who choose to make payments. Over the course of a year these fees could potentially amount to a fairly large sum of money. For example, if an insurer includes a billing fee each month, then after a year this could potentially amount to a plan that costs over one hundred dollars more. This is counterbalanced by being able to pay for ones automobile policy over a large stretch of time.

Naturally motorists are always encouraged to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of making a full payment or not, including the initial costs, overall costs, and the existence of additional fees. The choice of paying for a plan in full or on a monthly basis can sometimes be a difficult one that requires some thought. To aid in understanding some states, like Massachusetts, supply a Checklist for Motor Vehicle Insurance Installment Plans in order to ensure that every motorist who contemplates one of these plans will be thoroughly informed and prepared. Remaining educated about the difference in pricing and any applicable fees for monthly installment plans and speaking with one’s provider could prove to be invaluable when making the choice between paying for coverage in one large payment or several smaller ones.


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